Changing the User's Password


Changing passwords for users

Passwords are created when a new user record is set up.  You can reset a user's password (if your user record is designated as a super-user) by clicking on TOOLS-SYSTEM SET UP from the main menu.  This is helpful if the user forgets their password.
Select the Users tab to see all authorized users for all Agenda Development programs.  Note:  This list includes users who may be authorized to use other Agenda Development programs, but not necessarily access the MasterQ program.  Users who can access the MasterQ program are listed in BOLD.
The new user password may be entered here.  Once saved, the new password is available for the user to use.

How to change your own password

Occasionally a user may wish to change their password.  This can be done by the user without assistance from a super user.
The user should sign into the program then select TOOLS|CHANGE PASSWORD
from the main menu.
A simple form allows the new password to be entered.
Passwords can be up to 15 characters in length.  Any number or letters may be used.  Case is not considered.
NOTE:  Once a user record is created, the user's sign on name and initials cannot be changed.