Microsoft Security Essentials & Anti-Virus Software

Security Essentials (MSE) is a free anti-virus protection program offered by Microsoft.  MSE was supported through Windows 7.  If you do not have MSE installed on any of the PC's that will be using our programs, this concern does not apply. 
The Microsoft MSE program has been known to cause file errors in certain data files while protecting from potential virus attacks.  By default, Agenda Development's products will issue a warning when the programs start.
Personally, we prefer Norton's Internet Security program ( .  Currently on their web site for $50 for 3 computers.  
If MasterQ finds Microsoft Security Essentials running on your computer, a warning message will be displayed.  If you insist on running MSE (did we mention that we do not recommend this?) you should take the following steps:
  1. Using MSE, specifically exclude files with a suffix of TPS disabled files with a TPS or EZH extension.
  2. Exclude scanning of the folder you install Agenda Development software into.
  3. Back up regularly.
4. Add /RISK to the command line when starting MasterQ.  This will eliminate the start up warnings.  If you are also including the user name and password on the command line, the /RISK command should be the last item on the line.