MasterQ Requirements


MasterQ has a few requirements. 

Please review to get the most out of your program.

MasterQ is a Windows based program and requires Microsoft Windows* to operate.  It has not been tested on Apple computers using any of the Windows cloning tools they offer.  It has been used extensively in Windows XP, Vista and Win7.  It appears to work on Windows 98, but perhaps it's time you think about upgrading. <Grin>
MasterQ uses Microsoft Word* to create quote documents.  You must have Word installed on any computer you wish to use for viewing or creating quotes.  However, you can allow computers on your network to access MasterQ's parts, customers, people and salesman databases without the need for Word.
The screens in MasterQ are designed to fit on a screen with a minimum resolution of 1,024 x 768. 
Microsoft Excel* is recommended.  If you have Excel you can leverage the value of MasterQ by easily exporting data at the click of a button.  Some generated reports are created using Excel.
While not a requirement, large screen monitors can be a real productivity boost.  Given the low price, energy efficiency and small desktop real estate required, we strongly recommend big monitors.  The windows designed in MasterQ will fit on an 1,024 x 768 pixel display and a tool is included to give you lots of display flexibility. 
MasterQ does not require a network to operate.  You can install it one one stand alone PC.  However, we strongly recommend installing the software in a shared folder on your network.  Even if you are the only person who will be creating quotes, there are many advantages to sharing the data files and future Agenda Development programs you may install at a later date.
* Microsoft Word, Excel and Windows are trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation and are not affiliated with Agenda Development.