Choosing a location to Install the Program

If the MasterQ program will only be used by one person, on one particular computer, installing the program on a local hard drive on that one machine will result in the best performance and security.  The trade off is that the program and all the quotes you generate will only be available to people with access to that particular computer and you will give up a great deal of information sharing.  Even if you only think you might want to give multiple people the ability to access the programs someday, we recommend installing MasterQ in a shared directory on your network. 
Other Agenda Development software uses the same data files you will be creating with MasterQ.  If the database is only available on one computer, you have placed significant limits on yourself.
We don't recommend this, but...
If you do install this on a stand alone computer (not on a network), do not install it to the typical C:\Windows\Program Files (x86) folder.  Instead, choose a folder location like C:\AgendaSoftware.
If you are using other Agenda Development software, install MasterQ in the same folder.  For example, the NaftaBlaster program uses the same customer file and shipment history to generate annual Certificate of Origin reports for your customers.  Having all Agenda Development software in one shared directory is highly recommended.


Not sure which way to go?  If you can't decide, we suggest installing MasterQ in a shared directory on your network server.  Set permissions so that everyone can read and write to this directory.  Users will still need a password to access the MasterQ program.
Do you have a unique part number assigned to each of your products?