• MasterQ - From Call to Quote in 30 Seconds

MasterQ - From Call to Quote in 30 Seconds

"I used to struggle to create professional, accurate quotes.  Without my close supervision, the quotes we developed often included short, jargon filled descriptions that may have made sense to our employees but were vague, at best, to our customers.  I'm a bit particular about some things, and product descriptions on quotes are certainly one of them.  I tried pulling descriptions from our accounting software, but often times, the descriptions that I wanted to include in our quotes were significantly different than the descriptions required by other departments.  The production or accounting departments, for example, didn't care if the product was "Made in the USA.", but I wanted to include that in my quotes where it was appropriate.  And I don't even want to talk about spelling.  MasterQ corrects these problems and enables me to create quotes with consistent, marketing-oriented descriptions of my choosing extremely quickly."
And then, there was pricing.  I was always concerned I might quote an inaccurate price.  Had this item been quoted or sold to the customer previously?  Or how about their parent company?  How long ago?  Who was buying this part now and at what price?  Keeping an up to date list of recently quoted prices and recent sales prices was a time consuming nightmare.  And did I have the product in stock?
In addition to our standard, popular products, many items had high margin accessory items that could be offered if we only thought to ask.  We did the best we could, but I'm sure we missed the opportunity to increase sales by offering other valuable items to our customers.  Items that they might need.
Quotes were actually typed in our original system and filed in a series of hanging folders by year.  When I needed to see the physical quotation, someone had to visit the various filing cabinets and locate the document in question.  Hopefully, it was filed accurately.
At one time, we actually tried to keep track of quoted prices using a three ring binder!  Then we tried using an Excel spreadsheet.  And while that was an improvement, it certainly had limitations.
We got the job done with varying degrees of success, but it was a time consuming process. 
I envisioned a system that would enable our multiple salespeople to quickly generate quotes in a consistent format using the exact text I designated for each part.  But we would also need the ability to modify individual quotes when needed.  Completed quotes needed to be accessible over our network to all authorized employees and all prices issued would be tied to each customer and part record.  With this system, I could call a quote request in over the phone after a sales call and be confident that the generated quote would meet my marketing vision perfectly.  Last, the system would need to work with our existing computer software - I could not implement a system wide software revision.
MasterQ is the result of that vision.  With MasterQ you can:
  • Create standardized, consistent, marketing-oriented descriptions to be used on every quote you build, yet still be able to "tweak" a description on any individual quote.
  • Make additional sales by using MasterQ's "Fries" feature.  Similar to the fast food restaurant that asks if you want fries with that order, our "fries" feature reminds you to quote additional related products that your customer may want or need.
  • Have total control over the quote format.  Design a custom quote template using Microsoft Word containing your company logo, address etc.
  • Quote proper pricing every time.  Instantly review prices quoted to related companies and other customers.  View prices most recently paid by current customers including the customer being quoted.
  • Modify the generated quotes using Word, then print, fax, convert to PDF, anything you can do with Word.  And always have these quotes available at the touch of a button.
  • Automatically save the final copy of your quote for future reference.
  • Allow other network users (with your permission) to access the quotes you create quickly.
  • Always have product information at your fingertips.  Access supplemental part information at the click of a button.  Have access to drawings, warranty information, even customer testimonials.  What ever type of document you might need.
  • Always have customer information at your fingertips.  Phone numbers, address, web site links, shipment history, contact information and most importantly, the proper spelling of the customer's name.
  • Free up your time.  Creating quotes exactly as you would like them becomes a task you can confidently delegate using MasterQ.
  • Unlimited Access.  Allow any number of users (with your permission, of course) to use the customer and part database or create quotes using one standard quote template for everyone or a template configured for each of them individually.  Specify other users who may view, but not create quotes.
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