Setting the Quote Template for Single User

The default quote template for all users is set globally, but you can set different templates for each user if you wish.  If you do not specify a different template, the global template will be used.
Examples of modifications you might make for individual users might be adding their name below a signature line, or even adding an image with their signature over the line.
To change the default template, the user should click on Tools|Change Quote Template for User command from the main menu.
Look up template document by browsing through folders.
or type in the filename and extension    
Open the template in Word for modifications.
View PDF file listing all substitution macros.  When quotes are created, these macros are replaced by the appropriate information for the particular quote you are creating.
If a unique quote template is not selected on this form, the user's quotes will be built from the template set in the System record.  See more about the system record setting here.