Importing Shipment History

Importing shipment histories is a feature of the MasterQPRO version of the program.  For a complete comparison of the features, click here.
Importing customer's shipment history is an optional step that offers many advantages to users of Agenda Development software.  Once imported, you can:
  • When creating a quote you may be automatically advised if a customer is already purchasing the item being quoted and what price they paid most recently. 
  • Be automatically advised if a related customer is already purchasing the item being quoted and what price they paid most recently.
  • View graphs of your sales to better understand demand. 
  • Quickly examine a customers entire ordering history  including part numbers, quantities, prices paid, ship dates and customer PO numbers
  • Filter the customer shipment history by date, part number, PO number, price paid, etc.
  • Send the customer's shipment history to Microsoft Excel easily including any filtering or sorting you have applied
  • Displays customer's 12 month total sales dollars on the customer form

What is required:

  1. You need to have another program that currently holds this information
  2. The other program needs to have the ability to export this data in a comma delimited value file (CSV).
  3. Your customer numbers used in your other program must be the same customer numbers you use in MasterQ.
NOTE:  If you do not currently use another program for order entry functions, contact Agenda Development for options.

Steps required:


Using your other program, export a CSV file containing the following fields in the order listed below:

  • Date in a format of MM/DD/YYYY
  • Customer number
  • Part number
  • Quantity purchased (negative numbers allowed for returns)
  • Price paid
  • Customer PO number
  • Shipper Number
  • optional text
  • Start the import process:
  • Select the file containing the shipment history to import:
  • review contents for proper format using the review window:
  • click the import button.

MasterQ will:

  • identify the date range of the shipment history you are importing
  • clear out any existing history for that time period
  • build your history file for each customer
  • build the monthly summary for each part