Quote Template Substitutions

When a quote is generated, tokens found in the Word document template are replaced with values from the quote form or the customer's record. 
The substitutions use the same format as the tokens.  For example, if the token is bold, italic, underlined or red, the substituted value will be bold, italic, underlined and red.  Capitalization does not matter and is not considered.
All occurrences of the token are replaced throughout the entire document.
You do not need to use all of the tokens.  Those that don't exist in your quote template are ignored.
The following words can be placed anywhere in the quote template and will be replaced as noted:
the name of the person the quote is addressed to    
the date the quote was created
the entry you set for Shipping Date on quote
how the item will be shipped
FOB point specified on the quote
The payment terms specified in the quote
The name of the salesman specified in the quote
The unique number for this quote
The unique number used to identify this customer in MasterQ
The tax id in this customer's record
The effective date for new pricing to be applied
The area code of the customer's fax number
The customer's 7 digit fax number without the area code
The three digit area code for the customer's phone number.
The customer's 7 digit phone number without area code.
The day of the week you deliver to this customer.