User Tab

Users can be given permission to access the MasterQ program from the Authorized Users tab in the system set up window.  Select TOOLS | SYSTEM SET UP from the main menu then selecting the USERS tab.
NOTE:  New users can only be set up by Users with the MasterQ Manager or Super User option enabled.
After opening the System Set Up form, select Authorized Users.
Authorized users are entered on this tab.  It is important to recognize that users listed here have been given access to Agenda Development programs you have purchased.  They may not have been given authorization to access the MasterQ program.  Users with authorization to access MasterQ are shown in bold.
TIP:  While you can delete users from this screen, we recommend against it.  Users listed here have may still need access to other Agenda Development programs.  Instead, if you wish to revoke access to the MasterQ program simply edit the user's privileges as shown below.