Modifying Quote Templates

MasterQ uses the DOC format, sometimes referred to as Word 97.  Using DOC rather than the newer DOCX format insures that all users on your network will be able to view the finished quotes regardless of which version of Word they might have on their computer.  We recommend that Quote template documents should be saved in the DOC format.

Where to start

We recommend starting with a copy of the QUOTE.DOC file that is placed in your program folder when MasterQ is installed.  After you have made modifications, save it as a different name such as OUR_QUOTE.DOC.

One Consideration

MasterQ places the name & address and the quoted items in specific tables in the quote.  To be safe, do not add or remove tables from the document. 

What belongs in the Quote Template?

Anything that is usually included in your quotes.  What ever is in your quote template will be duplicated in every quote you create.  Your quote template could include:
  • Your company logo
  • your address
  • your phone and fax numbers
  • your email address
  • Teaser message to visit your website in the footer of the document
  • Second page (or even third page) boiler-plate terms and conditions
  • Return instructions
Where should the modified Quote document(s) be stored?
We recommend storing the quote templates in the folder where MasterQ is installed.  This insures that the document is available from any computer on your network.