Backing Up Data Files

The same procedure window is used for making backups as well as restoring saved data.  Despite the dire warning, damage cannot be done if you are simply doing a back up.
Remove other users button.  Notifies other users that they have 60 seconds to complete their tasks and exit the programs.
Backup files - current data files will be copied to another location for back up purposes.
This is the location of your active data files
This is the folder where the data files will be copied to.
When you press the Remove Other Users button, a message will appear on the screen of any other person logged into one of Agenda Development's programs.  They will be given one minute to finish what they are doing.  At the end of 60 seconds, their program will be shut down even if they are not at their computer.  A count-down window will be displayed on your screen.
If a user tries to log in while you are performing the backup operation, they will see a warning sign and will not be permitted to start the program.  For more information, see Locked Out.
After the backup procedure has been completed, users will be allowed back into the programs.  You do not need to do anything to allow them back in.  The un-locking occurs automatically.