Periodic Maintenance

Occasionally you may choose to do the following steps to insure top performance of MasterQ
  • If you did not choose to automatically recalculate each customer's sales dollars each time the customer record is opened, you should periodically have MasterQ do this for all customers. 
  • Delete Old Quotes - As a general rule, we discourage deleting old quotes.  However, if your system seems slower than you would like you can easily remove old quotes.  Click here for details:
  • Compress Shipment History -
  • Back up files - Always back up your files.  Always.  This applies to all programs, not just MasterQ.  Not only should daily back ups be part of your routine, we recommend retaining several days of back ups in case problems are not recognized right away.  We also recommend keeping some back ups at an off-site location in case of fire or theft.  Did we mention Always?