Look Up Pricing

Have you ever quoted a different price to a customer who is already purchasing your product?  It's a no-win situation.  Quote a higher price and you'll get hammered.  Quote a lower price and... well, you still get hammered, don't you?
MasterQ includes a clever feature that will tell you if a customer has purchased an item before or if the customer has been quoted an item previously.
But MasterQ actually can go further than that.  You can enter up to three related customer numbers for each customer.  When an item is quoted, MasterQ will check their records and warn you if you have quoted or sold an item to them and tell you what price was used and when.
You can be clever with this feature, too.  Set up a customer with an ID of 'Retail' or 'OEM' or 'Distributor' or any other descriptive name you wish.  Create a quote for that "customer" for all of your parts.  (Tip:  You may consider using the Summary Quote feature to build this quote)
Then put the newly created customer ID in as a related look up.  Any time you quote a customer who is identified as "OEM", a message will pop up showing you the current "OEM" pricing for the item.