The Customer Database

Your customer database will contain information about each customer.  Aside from the company name, address, phone, and fax information, the customer database can contain a great deal of valuable information.
Your customer record can include:
  • Salesman for the account
  • A link to the customer's web site,
  • Payment terms
  • Last quote date
  • Last sales date
  • List of all items quoted and prices
  • Customer's part numbers
  • Ship Via information
  • Shipment history information
  • All correspondence you've had with this customer, even those created in other programs
  • Current Open Orders (requires Buckets or Workcenter programs)
  • Scheduled Drip Marketing Steps (requires MIR program)
  • a list of Contacts (People) at the customer
TIP:  Some of the entries you can make in the customer database appear identical to entries in the System record.  The Ship Via field is an example.  You may enter a Ship Via instruction in both the System and Customer records.  If an entry is made in the System record, it will be used any time a Ship Via entry is needed.  For example, when you create a new customer, the Ship Via entry will be pre-filled for you with the Ship Via value you saved in the system record. 
For customers with unique ship via instructions, enter or change them in that single customer's record. 

Before you get started

There are some options that may be set to make MasterQ work the way you want it to.  These options are set in the System record.  You can see how this is done here.