Selecting an Installation Locations

During the installation process, you will be asked where to install the software.  You may choose to install the software on your local hard drive or in a shared folder on your network server.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both choices.
Local Installation - Installing MasterQ on your local hard drive will result in fast access (since the data files are located on your PC) and greater security (since only people with access to your computer may use it).  However, in the future you may be limited if you wish to install other Agenda Development programs.  If you do not have a network server, but do have a local network, you can install the programs in one folder on one computer and set up the folder as a shared resource.  You may still control who has access to any of the Agenda Development programs.  Don't forget to set up a regular back up system.
Server Installation - If you have a network server, the best place to install the programs are in a folder with read/write access to everyone.  Since servers are typically backed up on a regular basis, this is an ideal choice.