The Competitor Database

We all have evil competitors who will stop at nothing to tie us to a train track. Ok, maybe it's not that bad.  But MasterQ will let you track your competitors, give you cross reference tools to their part numbers, as well as give you a place to note features comparisons, and pricing insights.

What is the Competitor Database Used For?

The competitors database is a tool used to retain and share information you accumulate about your competitors and their products.  Keep notes about competitor pricing, quality issues, too.  Visit your competitor's website with the click of a button.   

Creating a Competitor record

The easiest way to add a new competitor record is to press the shortcut button at the top of the MasterQ window.
If you prefer, you could use the Browse|Competitors command from the main menu and press the Insert key.  In either case, you will then see the blank Competitor record. 
Press the Insert button to add a competitor's part
Enter your part number or use the lookup button to select from a list.    
Enter your competitor's part number
The similarity feature is for reference only.  It is used to help you quickly remember how similar a competitor's product is.
Any comments you wish may be entered here.  Consider pricing information, things to bring up with potential customers, as well as things you would prefer not to bring up with potential customers.