Combining Customers

Occasionally, customers join together.  One customer may be purchased by another.  You may have accidentally created two customer records.  Or if you use prospect (PR) customer numbers, the prospect may turn into a real customer.
For what ever reason, combining customers is very easy, but it is a one way process and cannot be un-done.  So proceed with a bit of caution.
To limit accidents, only users who are set up as Super Users, MasterQ managers, or who have the Edit Customers attribute set on their user record are able to perform this command.  If your user record does not have one of these attributes set, this command will not be available to you.
Start by selecting the Combine Customers command from the main menu.
Next, select the customer number that will be erased by pressing .
The customer that will remain is selected by pressing .  The name, address, phone numbers, etc will be from the customer you have selected in .  If you wish to use the information from the first customer, check the Use This Address, Phone, etc check box .
All quotes, prices, shipment histories, contacts and notes will be merged into the customer number you have specified in .