A moderate amount of security is provided in the MasterQ program.  Each user who is allowed to access the program must be specifically given the ability to create quotes.  Users who do not have the authority to view customer prices and quotes are blocked from many aspects of the program, but it is important to remember that the quotes you create are saved as Microsoft Word documents - most likely in a shared folder where people with access to your computer network may have the ability to view.
When a User record is created, a unique name and password are entered.  The user also specifies their unique initials that are used to mark certain documents.
When starting the MasterQ program, the user is asked for his name and password.  Three wrong password attempts are allowed before the program shuts down.  If a user's password has been forgotten, it may be reset in the User's record.  For information on how this is done, click here.
If convenience is more important to you than security, an alternate sign on method is available.  Placing the User's name and password on the command line will bypass the sign on procedure saving time.