Reviewing Items for Summary Quote

MasterQ goes through your shipment and quote history for each customer you have selected and builds a list of items to include in the summary quote.  You may use the insert, change and delete buttons to add or remove items to the listed items as needed.  You will be able to change the prices and make additional changes in the next step.
Once you are satisfied with the list of items press the Build Quote button.  You will have the ability to re-price all items at that time.
Items that have been quoted during the time range you've selected will show the quote date and quoted price.
Items that the customer has purchased are listed here. 
Note:  If you import customer returns as part of your shipment history, the last "purchase" could actually be a return.  The 5th and 6th item in the list above are returns and show a negative quantity.  Do you charge a re-stocking fee?  Then the last "price paid" may be misleading.
Press the Build Quote button to copy all of the items in your list into a quote form.  You will then be able to adjust pricing and issue a quote.
The process of preparing a summary quote from this point on is the same as if you had created a quote in the normal manner.