MasterQ is available in 3 Versions to Meet Your Needs

There are three versions of MasterQ. One is sure to fit your needs and budget.

  MasterQ - LT MasterQ - PRO MasterQ - ENT
Any number of users may be created for accessing MasterQ.
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unlimited unlimited unlimited
One license is required for each user who will use MasterQ at any one time. Only purchase what you need.
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Password protection for privacy and security
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Custom Fonts, allow users to set font size and color throughout program
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Easy to back up files. Plus built in Backup and Restore data files function.
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Describe your items in as much detail as you need to be persuasive. Text descriptions up to 4,000 characters.
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Design proposal layouts to meet your needs. Flexible design templates created in Microsoft Word documents.
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Summary Quotes, instantly build a quote of all items a customer(s) have purchased or have been quoted.
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Insure that items are available when preparing a proposal.
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Recognize sales trends. Graph Customer Shipments to spot sales trends easily. Access shipment details instantly.
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Help your customers understand your offering - Include customer's part numbers in your quotes.
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When customers merge, easily combine pricing, history, contacts and more.
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Delete Old Quotes with optional summary report

Compress Shipment History of older shipments for peak performance.

Recognize important customers. View 12 months sales for each customer.

Unlimited notes can be attached to any customer, part, quote or salesman.
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Always remember important items. Pop up a reminder whenever a chosen customer, part, quote or salesman is referenced.
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comming soon: "Tell-Me" Rules email you when certain events occur, even if you are not using MasterQ at the time

Increase sales by always remembering to upsell. "Fries" upselling tools suggests additional items to offer you customers when creating a quote.
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Easily reference what you know about the competition. Build a knowledge base about them and their offerings for fingertip access to their strengths and weaknesses. Make this information shareable by your entire team.
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Include Customer Part Numbers in your quotes automatically
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Drip marketing tools to remind you to follow up. Implement simple or complex, multi-step follow up plans with one click. MIR Make-It-Rain features for scheduling automated customer contacts.
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One-click to visit your customer's web site. A great research tool!
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Advanced customer tagging/exporting/mass note creation.


Advanced person tagging/exporting/mass note creation

Need an evelope for a letter? Print addressed envelopes to selected person with one button click
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Pricing Per User (one time, not a monthly charge!)

MasterQ is licensed per concurrent user*. Pricing shown is a one-time charge and not a monthly fee. You are guaranteed to be satisfied. We believe all our products do their job, and do it well. But we're realistic enough to know that our software isn't going to fit every situation. That's why we have a strong refund policy. Simply put, if you aren't satisfied with our products, we would like them back - and we will refund you your purchase price. Simple enough?

Pricing below is per simultaneious user and includes three months support and any updates issued during the time of your support subscription.

$250.00 / user, one time
$295.00 / user, one time
$395.00 / user, one time

For your security, our on-line purchases are handled through PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay. PayPal accepts a large number of credit cards and even offers delayed billing options. If you prefer, you may mail your payment to us directly. Please call us if you have any order difficulties.

* Concurrent users are the number of users who may access MasterQ at the same time.


MasterQ can easily pay for itself.

It's hard to put a value on many of the features included in all versions of MasterQ, but we are confident that MasterQ will pay for itself in time-savings alone.
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