Using Payment Terms

MasterQ allows you to define various Payment Terms and select the appropriate terms for each customer.

This page is not meant to be a replacement for the MasterQ manual, rather it is an over view of the many options available. It is intended to give you an idea of how flexible this system is.

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Accessing Payment Terms from the Menu

Customer payment terms may be accessed several ways. Select Browse|Customer Payement Terms from the main menu.

Accessing Payment Terms from the System Set Up Form

You may also access the payment terms from the Payment Terms button on the System Set Up form. Access to this form is limited to MasterQ users who are designated as program managers.
This screen shot also shows the Default Payment Terms. This value may be selected from a drop down list of available payment terms. It is important to note that these are not the terms you offer most often to your customers... rather, it is what you would like MasterQ to use for new customers who are being created in the system. As an example, most active customers might be on NET 30 terms, but new customers should show NET 30 on approval for initial quotes.
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quantity to quote

Browsing Payment Terms

Which ever way you choose to view the payment terms, they are displayed like the list on the left. Payment terms may be active or inactive. Only active payment terms may be selected for a customer or quote.
This might be useful if you offered periodic special terms like NET 90 but did not want that option to appear except during certain times of the year.

Editing Payment Terms

Simply enter in a payment term description and check the Active box to enable this choice.

payment terms form

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