Using Items Effectively

MasterQ's Item database gives you one central place to store all required information for a part.

This page is not meant to be a replacement for the MasterQ manual, rather it is an over view of the many options available. It is intended to give you an idea of how flexible this system is.

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Accessing Item Information from the Main Menu

You can quickly view information for each of your parts by using the Browse|Items choice on the main menu.

  one Quick access to notes, open customer orders, shipment history, issued quotes, related items to offer for sale as well as information about your competition are all just a click away.

Unlimited amounts of text may be modified here for use in your sales proposals.

  three Short item descriptions used in browse tables.  
  three Standard pack, or carton quantities, are available here. MasterQ will use these in quotes by default, but of course you may change them if you wish.

  three Any type of file may be attached to your item record. With one click, you can be viewing drawings, quality inspection forms, job instructions, or any other type of document. You could even attach videos, audio recordings, PDF documents, PowerPoint presentations. Any type of document. And these documents are also available to you when you are creating a quote.  
  starting a new quote

The secret to persuasive, compelling quotes

It's unfortunate, but we've all seen quotes that use unclear abbreviations and seller jargon. Don't assume the buyer will remember what the quote is about. After you leave, your quote is your saleman. It may be reviewed today, but it may sit on the buyer's desk for weeks or longer. It may be passed on to another person. Will your quote be understandable six months from now? Make sure the text in your quote includes sufficient detail to fully explain the benefits of your offering. You may not get another chance.

You only need to create this text once and MasterQ will use it to create all of your future quotes. Perhaps you should include dimensions, electrical requirments, warranty information or links to your website. MasterQ allows for an unlimited amount of text for each item. Make use of it. Be creative.

Sales Charts Make Sense of Numbers

If a column of monthly shipment quantites just doesn't help you identify trends and opportunities, we feel you pain. A picture is worth a thousand words.
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