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There was a time when our quotes were typed, copied, faxed or mailed and filed in cabinets. If you wanted to re-visit an old quote for a customer, just have someone look up their quote that was saved in the customer file, sorted alphabetically of course... as long as it was this year. Otherwise, last year's files were located in another cabinet. Quotes from two years ago? Well, they were up in the attic somewhere. Good luck. At least we were lucky that our quotes were rarely misfiled.

It seemed like every quote request turned into a research project. Had we quoted this customer before? When and how much? Did we get any pricing feedback from our earlier quotes? And wasn't this customer bought out by one of our biggest customers last year? What price were they quoted? Is the item even in stock? There was no way I could confidently build a quote while the customer waited on the phone. We tried a notebook. We tried a spreadsheet.

And the quotes that were typed up were, well, let's just say they were not the way I wanted them. With luck, they were typed without spelling errors. But too often, the descriptions were copied directly from our accounting database and were not the marketing oriented descriptions that would get us more sales. And I'm a bit embarrassed to say how rarely we thought to up sell additional products.

Still, our customers wanted more. They wanted their part numbers referenced on our quotes.

What I wanted...

I found myself longing for a system designed primarily for sales and marketing needs; where we had exclusive control over the product descriptions. A system that offered all the tools I might need to confidently and quickly create professional quotes for my customers. I wanted to be able to quickly build a compelling sales presentation in my quote, knowing that these quotes might be revisited weeks or months in the future. Last, I wanted these quotes to be available from any of our networked computers in an instant. No more fumbling for files.

MasterQ delivers

  Create detailed, compelling and persuasive quotes faster than you ever thought possible.
  Handle an unlimited number of products and customers... quickly!
  Give you total flexibility to design your quote format the way you need it. Then, allow you to "tweak" each quote individually if desired.
  Quotes can be printed, emailed or converted into PDF's. Anything you can do in Word, you can do with your quotes.
  Help you select the right product and determine the correct price for your customer quickly.
  Increase your sales by suggesting related up-sell items.
  Improve efficiency by automatically documenting everything and keeping everything available in an instant.
  Give you access to all supporting documents with the click of a button. Instantly view product drawings, spec sheets, warranty flyers, customer reviews, videos or any other type of document.
  Help you use your competitor intellegence. Lets your organization easily refer to your competitor's products, websites and pricing guidance you have accumulated.
  Easily create a "summary quote" for a customer in minutes. Essentially restating all quoted and active parts.
  Create perfect quotes every time.



MasterQ enables you to build perfect quotes so fast you can create them while your customer is on the phone.

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