Customizing the Layout of Your Quotes

MasterQ uses several selectable options as well as quote quick-start templates to give you an incredibly flexible system to build your sales proposals.

Quick Start templates are Word documents which can be customized to meet your specific layout needs. In addition to logos and formatting, these templates use a number of "tokens" which are replaced during the quote creation with the actual values from your proposal. You may specify that all of your MasterQ users build quotes using the same template, or you may choose to let each user have a unique quote template that might include their Customizing the templates is a simple procedure if you understand Microsoft Word. If you would perfer, we can do custom modifications for you.

This page is not meant to be a replacement for the MasterQ manual, rather it is an over view of the many options available. It is intended to give you an idea of how flexible this system is.

starting a new quote

Setting options for all users

The default quote template and several important behaviors are set on the Quotes tab of the System Setup / Authorized Users command from the main menu. Your user account must be designated with the proper authority to access this screen, of course.

  one Default Quote Template buttons allow you to browse and select the template that will be used by all MasterQ users unless you specifically assign a unique template to them individually. The Edit button starts Microsoft Word and lets you make changes to the template. The Quote Substitutions button will display all of the available tokens that will be replaced with values for this quote.

You will learn more about these templates below.

  two You may elect to include customer part numbers if you know them and also specify where they should appear. You may choose to use a specific format such as "(Your part number: xxxxx)" or "customer # xxxxx" or any other format you choose.

  three Some business models do not use item numbers. If you do not wish to include part numbers in your quote, just un-check this box.

If quantities do not make sense for your offerings, you can un-check the Print Quantity on Quotes button and MasterQ will omit them.

  four The default FOB, Ship Via and Shipping Dates may be entered here. When you create a new customer record, these will initially be used as the new customer's defaults. You can change these... you can even change them for one particular quote.  

Your quote is built using your template

MasterQ uses a Microsoft Word document as the starting point when creating your proposal. You can create a template using the page layout, font style & size and other features you wish to include. Typically this would include your company logo, contact information and boiler plate quote text - the so called fine print. You could include additional pages if you wish that might include copies of your warranty statement or anything else.
The quote template may also include special "tokens" that MasterQ will substitute with specific information for the particular quote you are building. These optional tokens may be put anywhere in your template, including the header of footer. When the quote is built, all occurances of the token will be replaced.
The inserted text will also use the font styling you have used in the token. For example, if you formatted the token $Contact, then a quote to Jeffrey Sweet would appear as Jeffrey Sweet. You may be as creative as you wish. We are not here to judge.
As we mentioned above, you can specify which template all users should use. You may also let each user have their own template. This might be useful if you wanted to have the author's name appear under the signature line. You could even include a graphic with their signature.

There are a number of special tokens you may use in your quote template. You can view a list of these replacement tokens here.

Modifying quote templates to meet your specific needs is very easy if you have an understanding of Microsoft Word. Several generic quote templates are included with MasterQ that you can easily tweak to meet your needs. However, if you prefer, we can supply a customized, ready-to-use template for you. Please contact
quantity to quote
quantity to quote

Your quote is completed in a Word document

While MasterQ allows you to have simple or elaborate product descriptions and quote layouts, sometimes it still isn't enough. You'll be happy to learn that the finished quote is actually a Word document and you have the final say in how it will appear. Apply special formatting, put in a special note unique to one customer or what ever you need. Then print, convert to PDF, or apply any special capabilities that can be done with Word. When your done, print it, save it or email it.

You can view a sample quote generated in MasterQ here.

You have total flexibility designing your quotes. These sample quotes may give you some ideas:

Standard quote
Quote with Cover Page
Horizontal quote

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