Using Customers Effectively

Customers are the heart of our businesses and play a key role in MasterQ.

This page is not meant to be a replacement for the MasterQ manual, rather it is an over view of the many options available. It is intended to give you an idea of how flexible this system is.

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Accessing Customer Information from the Main Menu

You can quickly view information on all your customers by using the Browse|Customers choice on the main menu.

Browse List of Customers

MasterQ will track an unlimited number of customers and handle them with ease. The customer list can be sifted and sorted as needed and you can locate any customer with just a few keystrokes. The customer's address and phone number are displayed here too for quick reference.
quantity to quote
quantity to quote

Customer Form

The information you enter on the customer form is used as the default. When you add a new person to this company, MasterQ will pre-fill their address and phone numbers with these entries. Of course, you can change them.

Customer Form - Sales Tab

The default buyer specified here will be pre-filled into your quote forms. This saves time, but of course, you may select anyone at the company to address your quote to. (You may also address a quote to a name that is not currently in your database. In that case, MasterQ will add the name automatically.)

When you create a quote, MasterQ checks previously quoted prices and purchases from the customer and alerts you if you have given pricing before. You also have the ability to identify other related customers who should also be checked.

As an example, if you were doing a quote for Redwood RV, you might specify Keystone RV in price code 1 and Thor Industries in price code 2. Price code 3 might be OEM1. In this example, when you are preparing a quote for Redwood, MasterQ will check to see if the item has been quoted or sold to Redwood in the past. Then it will check Keystone's history. Last, it will check your generic OEM1 "customer". In this example, we're using OEM1 as our generic tier one manufacturer account.

customer record, sales tab
Customer ShipTo Tab

Customer Form - ShipTo Tab

The default Ship Via and FOB entries are set here and will be pre-filled into every new quote you create for this customer. Again, they can be changed for any individual quote.

If you deliver, you can even specify the day of the week you deliver and optionally include that in your quotes.

Customer Form - People Tab

When you create a quote, you have the option of addressing it to anyone you know at that customer. This easy selection process prevents accidental misspellings of names.

If you are quoting to a new contact, simply enter the person's name and address onto the quote form and MasterQ will add that person to your contact file.

Other Agenda Development programs may also add names to your list of contacts. For example, if you issue and RGA using our PMaster program or create a Nafta Certificate of Origin document those names will appear in your list also.

Customer People Tab

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Customer Shortcut Buttons

MasterQ gives you quick access to customer information at the click of a button.

  one Notes Button - lists all comments that reference this customer.   five Prices Button - displays a list of the most recent prices of all items purchased by, or quoted to this customer.  
  two Quotes Button - lists all quotes you have issued to this customer   six Active Button - a list of parts actually purchased by the customer, sorted with the most recent purchases (the most active) at the top.  
  three Contacts Button - displays all files located in the customer's folder. This is a sub-folder that uses the customer's number and is located in a folder named CORRESPONDENCE. We recommend you save all related documents for this customer in this folder for easy reference.   seven Case Button - Personally, we hate text that uses ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. In our opinion, it's like YELLING. You don't want to do that to your customers. Yet, often times the accounting systems we import from have traditionally used all capital letters. This button will attempt to automatically convert text to Proper Case.  
  four Part Numbers Button - displays the cross reference table of the customer's part numbers.   eight Website Button - This button will open up your browser and take you to the customer's website. This button is only enabled if you have made an entry for the customer's web site.  

Quick Start - Adding a New Customer

The quickest way to add a new customer is to click on the New Customer button in the upper left corner of the window. This will take you directly to a new customer entry form.

Actually, there is a quicker way in some cases. If you have a large number of customers in another computer system and you have the ability to export them into a CSV file, you can import them directly into MasterQ.


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Linking Customer Part Numbers

Linking Customer Part Numbers

Showing your customer's part numbers on your quote is a great idea. Anything that makes things easier for the buyer is worth doing. MasterQ makes it easy to implement this feature.

You have the ability to specify where you wish the customer numbers to appear on your quote and the format you prefer.

Combining Customers

Sometimes customers merge together. It can be messy, but MasterQ handles this problem with ease. When customers are combined, MasterQ merges all of their contacts, previous quotes, pricing, address and other details.

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