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Automated Drip Marketing Manager

How much time and effort do you spend generating interest in your business? Do you follow up on all of your leads? Really? To the fullest extent possible? We all go to great effort to cultivate leads, and we certainly follow up on the important ones, but some of the lesser opportunities can slip through the cracks. And if you do feel you follow up on your leads, how far? Do you follow up with your potential customer next week? next month? next year? If you're like everyone else, there comes a time when new opportunities eclipse the old ones and you move on.

What I wanted...

I view every contact with a customer as an opportunity. We don't get as many chances to interact with our customers as we'd like, so it was important that our response and follow up reflected our commitment to in meeting his needs.

What I wanted was a perfect execution of a planned presentation and follow up procedure for every customer contact, whether it was a quote follow up, a credit approval or denial, or just a reminder to take some action at a later date. I wanted consistancy and I wanted it to be so easy it would actually get done.

MIR was created based on that need. That's all I wanted, as long as it was perfect. In my mind, I had envisioned each planned step in the selling process and I strived to accomplish them every time. Contacts with our customers vary in complexity. They can be as simple as a request for credit references or as complex as a quote follow up sequence. But often times, they didn't happen as I wanted, or worse, they didn't happen at all.

I wanted a follow-up scheduler of sorts. But I needed more than a simple "to do" list. I needed something that would actually do most of the repetitive work for me.

My goal was to be more efficient around the office. . There were certain type of letters I routinely used.

Imagine a way to set up a sequence of specific follow up steps that, once initiated would almost run themselves. Form letters that would print and only require mailing or faxing. Reminders to make that follow up call or touch base with the sales rep about each opportunity. Frequent, repetitive contacts with the prospect can demonstrate your interest in their business. But time is always limited. To work, this must be automated.

MIR delivers

If your income depends on closing sales that could benefit from structured follow up, MIR will let you schedule and automatically execute a personalized correspondence plan with each customer. And most of it will happen automatically.

MIR will:

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