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NaftaBlaster -
Automated Nafta Form Generation

The fax machine buzzes again with yet another request for Nafta certificate of origin reports. But they always seem to arrive at the wrong time and usually marked "urgent". Putting together a list of everything that a customer has purchased recently can be a time consuming chore.

And didn't I already do a Nafta Certificate of Origin for this company already?


What I wanted...

I needed a system that would prepare the COO and exception letter based on the sales history I already had for that company. I wanted these documents to be stored with all of my other correspondence with each customer and available to anyone on our network. I wanted the process to take 5 minutes tops, instead of the half hour we spent on each request.

NaftaBlaster delivers

Using NaftaBlaster, you will build flexible certificates of origin and exception documents in minutes without typos. NaftaBlaster will:




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