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MIR - Make it Rain with
Automated Drip Marketing Manager



Drip marketing is a marketing campaign technique that utilizes many structured contacts with a potential customer over a period of time to keep your company in the customer's mind without becoming a pest. Drip Marketing is an excellent sales tool and is very useful in products or services with long sales cycles such as large ticket items, corporate sales, and many business to business sales projects. Automated drip marketing will increase your sales effectiveness without adding to your daily time requirements.

The MIR module lets you define an unlimited number of follow up plans to assign to your current or potential customers. Each of these plans can contain one or more planned drip-contacts. These contacts can be emails, letters, faxes, or simply reminders to you prompting follow up calls. These generated contacts are personalized for each customer, yet follow the specific format you set up.

Any number of customers can be scheduled in your MIR drip stream. When it's time for the next contact, MIR will create the contact and allow you to "tweak" it before sending it off.

MIR documents your drip contacts. Every drip contact step that is completed is noted in the customer's record. You can easily review what contacts have been made to each customer (company) and each person (at each company).

MIR enables you to have multiple follow up plans that can be assigned to different customers allowing you to use A/B testing to determine the best follow up sequence for your products.

In addition to follow through sales contacts, MIR can also be used to create frequently used form letters. Think of credit approval letters, or credit denial letters. Create the letter one time and re-use it over and over.

MIR integrates with many Agenda Development programs including MasterQ or can be run by itself. MIR runs under Windows XP and above and requires any version of Microsoft Word for Windows.



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